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Dr Hud's Story

I am a practising surgical doctor and medical researcher currently living and working in Manchester, England. 

My health during medical school and through my twenties and the beginning of my thirties was terrible.  I was overweight and unfit.  Despite learning about human physiology and nutrition, my diet was poor and I exercised very little.  Even when I wanted to lose weight, I struggled to weed out the correct information from the fad ultra-low calorie diets and the unachievable intense exercise regimes.  I struggled further to maintain a healthy lifestyle with the challenges of a busy career.

But after years of looking, I finally discovered that the ‘secret’ to losing weight, getting lean and getting fit were not as complicated as I first thought.  Discovering the simple techniques to developing a fit healthy body was like a breath of fresh air.  I was able drop over 30lbs (13kg) in weight, but more importantly, reduced my overall percentage body fat and feel incredibly fitter than I did in my early twenties.  In particular, I was able to maintain my healthy eating and exercise habits in a way that was manageable and sustainable within a busy working, family and social life.

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Its not about going to extremes

I teach you how to eat more and exercise smartly



Comments about Dr Hud's Weight Loss Starter Course

"It offers a medically scientific approach (to weight loss) in a way that's easy to understand"

"I love the bits about eating more good food and not obsessing with calorie counting and portion control.  His lessons are straightforward and not overwhelming"

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