"I help busy people lose weight and get fit by eating more and exercising smartly"


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My Mission

Here is where your permanent weight loss journey begins

My name is Dr Hud Shaker.  I’m a British medical doctor and researcher with a passion for helping busy people (like me!) lose weight, get fit and stay healthy.  And I want them to be able to do this without going to extremes.

I'm on a mission to help busy people like you stop the endless cycle of fad diets, unachievable exercise programmes and costly ineffective supplements.  I want to make healthy eating, exercise, weight loss and living healthily easy and sustainable.

Do you want to learn how you can lose weight whilst eating more and never getting hungry?

Do you want to know how rather than exercising more you need to exercise smartly in a way in which is achievable and sustainable whilst maintaining your busy professional and social life?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

Explore my blog or YouTube site for more great tips or download my free eBook.

If you’re ready then you can check out my programme to get you started on your new weight loss journey.

Dr Hud


About Dr Hud

Dr Hud is a surgical doctor (MD), medical researcher and health and fitness expert. He has helped many people (including patients, friends and family) change the way they eat and exercise to lose weight and get healthier whilst incorporating this into their busy lives.

He is a practising surgical doctor currently living and working in Manchester, England. He has completed degrees in Medicine (MD), Biomedical Sciences (BSc) and has a PhD in cancer medicine.